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April 2017

Dear users,

Thanks to the continuous support by users, NBRP Tomato has now entered the third term since this April (fourth term for NBRP). The term is for 5 years, starting in April 2017 until the end of March 2022. During this period, University of Tsukuba participates in NBRP tomato as the central resource center represented by Prof. Hiroshi Ezura and will be in charge of tomato seed resources. Osaka Prefecture University, represented by Prof. Koh Aoki, also has joined in NBRP tomato as the sub resource center and will be in charge of DNA resources. In addition, Meiji University, represented by Prof. Kentaro Yano, has newly joined in NBRP tomato and will work for construction of databases that discloses genome information of the maintained resources in NBRP tomato. Further, Okayama University, represented by Prof. Yasutaka Kubo, and Tohoku University, represented by Prof. Yoshinori Kanayama, will contribute to NBRP tomato as backup organizations for tomato seed resources, and DNA resources, respectively. The main objectives of this term by NBRP tomato include improving the quality of the resources, constructing the user-friendly database, setting up new tomato resources. In addition, we are going to construct an international network of tomato bioresources. We appreciate your continuous support for our activity. Please also advise us any commnts which help tomato research community.

NBRP Tomato
Representative of the Central Resource Center
Hiroshi Ezura (University of Tsukuba)

NBRP core papers

(1)Micro-Tom mutant collections (full text, pdf)
(2)Micro-Tom full length cDNA (full text, pdf)
(3)About NBRP activity (Abstract and pdf)
(4)Micro-Tom TILLING (Abstract, full text and pdf)
(5)Micro-Tom BAC end sequences (Abstract and pdf) (6)Micro-Tom Genome Resequencing (Abstract, pdf)
(7)Genome-wide survey in tomato (Abstract, pdf)
(8)TOMATOMA Update (Abstract, pdf)
(9) Internal control gene of Micro-Tom for qRT-PCR (Abstract, pdf)

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We only accept payment by credit card since August 2nd, 2010. We no longer deal with bank transfer payment after the indicated date. Thank you for your cooperation.

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